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Covid-19 Plan

COVID-19 Documents and Information

Westside USD COVID Compliance Team will provide accompanying documents to ensure the requirements for the safe reopening of schools per California Department of Public Health, the Los Angeles County Public Health, and any applicable local health officer and applicable state or federal agencies is met in a timely and responsible manner. 

Provided here are documents, information, resources, applications, agreements, and other documents related to the safe reopening of Schools as directed by our Board of Trustees and required by various government agencies. 


When to Quarantine or Isolate students or staff?

Los Angeles County Department of Public has a released the following flow chart for determining when to Isolate or Quarantine.

School Isolation Quarantine Flow chart

Individual Contact Tracing School Quarantine Flow Chart

Los Angeles County Department of Public Health Masks

The most up to date masking information from the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health is available on their COVID-19 Mask Information website

There are no resources to display



Preventing the Spread of COVID-19 in TK-12 Schools

This document reviews current policies and important action steps to keep children safe in Los Angeles County’s 3,040 TK-12 schools. At the end you will find resources you can turn to, including where to call, if you want further information or need assistance with COVID-19 prevention or care.

Parent Updates TK-12

Masking Updates for Students

We will be discontinuing the use of the STOPit SafeScreen. When you get ready to take your children to school, however, you need to do your own self screening for each child to ensure that they comply with the health requirements to be in school. 

Los Angeles County Public Health Department Mask Updates

Masking now required for all outdoor activities where physical distancing is not feasible, except while eating or drinking.

It is strongly recommended but not required that students wear upgraded masks which at a minimum are well-fitting, non-cloth mask of multiple layers of non-woven material with a nose wire. Nothing in this protocol requires that the school provide upgraded masks to its general student population and parental preference should be respected as to the level of PPE the student wears. However, universal masking with some appropriate type of face covering is still currently required for both indoor and outdoor settings on the school campus and on school buses.

Know which Masks Provide the Best Protection Against COVID-19
Good Better Best
  • Fabric mask with three or more cloth layers
  • Double mask (surgical mask + cloth mask)
  • Fitted medical mask (surgical mask)
  • N95
  • KN95
  • KF94

(N95/KN95s are not recommended for small children because they cannot achieve a proper fit)


Do not use masks that:

  • Are made of loosely woven fabrics.
  • Are made of a fabric that is hard to breathe through such as vinyl, leather, or plastic.
  • Have valves, vents, or holes.
    • Exception: The CDC states that a NIOSH-certified N95 respirator with exhalation valve can be used.

Bandanas and scarves are not recommended (unless you wear a mask underneath).

See CDC Types of Masks for more information.

TIPS! It is recommended to have more than one mask readily available so that a dirty or wet mask can be easily replaced with a clean one. When you are out, carry a spare mask and hand sanitizer. If your mask gets damp or wet, replace it with a clean dry one.